Originally trained and licensed in New York City as a massage therapist and fitness trainer, Terra Sutton brings over twenty dynamic years of bodywork experience and fourteen years of Bowenwork to share in her practice and with students.  Inspired at an early age by the ability to effect change in people’s bodies, restoring mobility and reducing pain, Terra pursued a career in manual therapies, offering a blended approach to structural bodywork. Miss Sutton shifted her practice primarily to Bowenwork (aka Bowen Technique) in 2005 when she first witnessed the elegance and efficiency at which the body can recover and heal with specific and gentle support of Tom Bowen's unique Australian modality.  Terra now practices and teaches the Practitioner Certification Training for the American Bowen Academy and the Bowen Academy of Australia in California and Hawaii.

Bowenized:   the experience just following a Bowen session; a sweeping feeling of peace and ease, a lightening of what furrows the brow, a deeper sense of relaxation and connection to self, a relief of pain, a possible desire to spend quality time on the couch or to do something luxurious and nurturing, and a noticeable lack of desire to solve a crossword puzzle or  do taxes.

Yes, a re-connection with comfort in your body, a full breath of presence and flow. 

Your own unique beautiful breath.

Highly Recommended!


Terra Sutton